Hey All,

Pixelbuilt is officially back up! At the time of this post the server is currently running on 1.7.10 (Pixelmon version 3.5.1) but there are numerous bugs present, however Dwindlin is doing his best to fix them. If you find any bugs, please click on the link below:

>>> <<<

As well as bugfixes, Dwindlin is also working on updating the server to the latest version so that the server will be more futureproof as we will inevitably have to update the server sooner or later. This will take some time as hundreds of thousands of lines of coding and custom plugins will have to be rewritten and created so that our unique server experience remains while having all the features present in the latest version of Pixelmon. If you would like to help with this it would be greatly appreciated as the update process would be significantly faster as Dwindlin has his hands more than full. If you are interested, just drop a post in the forums or on Skype!

In terms of the server host, we're in a fairly stable situation which means our primary concerns are now bugfixes and updating to the latest version. As always, if you have any suggestions for the server, feel free to drop them in the forums or on Skype.

Hope you all have a happy holiday!


DayumDave Pillars are now shrines wich give an error and kick you when you click on them. Every pc in the region are now water sto...

Store Warning!

evilpixi a posted Feb 7, 17

Don't buy any of the new Pokémon!

Because it was looking like the server was going to update to 1.10.2, me and Ryan started updating the web store with all the new Pokémon, but as the update failed the new Pokémon are not available in-game. Until we take the time to hide the Pokémon from being purchased, you will have to be careful with what Pokémon you buy from the store. If you have already bought one of the unavailable Pokémon, make a forum post about it and i or some other staff member will help you. If you have any other questions about the store, make a forum post about that, too. :P

Thanks for taking the time to read this <3


We're back!

Ryan96t a posted Jan 25, 17

Dear Pixelbuiltians, after a two-month hiatus, I am happy to announce that Pixelbuilt has returned! Almost everything is the same as it was. I won't get into what happened to the server. 

HOWEVER, some things could not be saved. These things include: your Pokemon, your claim blocks, and your claims.

Your inventory, chests, and Ender Chest should all be the same. 

Some things are still a little screwy but we're working to get everything working right again. The server is fully functional, so log on and come join us!

Welcome to PixelBuilt

briahnanicole a posted May 31, 14
Welcome to PixelBuilt, a wonderful recreation of your favorite Pokemon games for the Minecraft Pixelmon mod. Play classics such as Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum like never before. We have worked hard to perfectly recreate the Pokemon regions block by block, and write custom codes for quests, gyms, and Pokemon spawning in order to make your experience as authentic as possible. Become a part of our friendly community and make new friends and memories. We hope to see you soon!
KillerSlovakia Pokemon Platinum region now in jobs
damion_1997 o am trying to get on the server , but it says the server doesnt allow 1.7.10.... help ?